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Our Programs

The CNU Atlanta Chapter has conducted a variety of programming over the years, from monthly happy hours to panel discussions, to walking and brewery tours.

Third Thirsty Thursdays (T3)

Hosted on the third Thursday of every month, CNU ATL's T3's are a staple of Atlanta's urbanist community. Some months may be more formal than others, with a speaker or panel to discuss a topic, but they are all an opportunity for urbanists to socialize, network, and learn from their peers.

Brewery-Based Discussions (BBD)

Brewery-Based Discussions are ticketed events at local breweries that focus on the impact breweries have on our urban environment, and how they can promote other goals of New Urbanism.

Bus Tours

CNU ATL's bus tours are ticketed events to different locations that have undergone significant changes to achieve better urban form. The inaugural tour went to the City of Alpharetta and North American Properties Avalon development.

Winter Luncheon

CNU ATL hosts an annual winter luncheon every year to bring together Atlanta's urbanist community to reflect on the year past.

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